Insta Friends

Instagram has allowed me to make connections with people who share my passions and my aesthetic. My first insta friend was Crystal, we share a passion for juicing, food & our dogs. After I bribed her with some homemade jam we’ve been buddies ever since lol.

It was her that introduced me to an fb group that allowed me to meet more like minded individuals. The group was Juicing101 with Steven Robalino; through this group I met some wonderful juicers: Steven (Robalino himself), Emily, & Donna Dee. Following these people on Instagram, seeing their lives & emotions through pictures and then reading their thoughts on their fb pages has given me a glimpse inside of who they are.

I got the opportunity to meet my insta friends one trip to NYC and over juice, then cocktails, Crystal, Emily & myself had a wonderful girl chat. Emily stayed with myself and another bermy friend that weekend. Teaching me her killer kale salad & dressing, & making us yummy fresh almond milk.

Emily, Steven & Donna are all raw vegans and meeting them opened my eyes to the power of raw food. That trip to NYC with its juice bars, new friends, access to good healthy food, movie night at The Water Well, & yoga with Emily at the Integral Yoga Center was life changing. I had an epiphany regarding my diet & who I wanted to be. I started changing at the end of last year; beginning with meatless Mondays, then moving to meatless Monday – Friday, and with the new year meatless January. It all began thru IG pics – giving me inspiration from new friends & influences & by making me accountable for the food I put on my plate.

This is a pic of movie night at The Water Well (left to right: Mousse, Emily, Steven, myself & Donna. Not pictured, my girl Crystal).


2 thoughts on “Insta Friends

  1. Severing it was such a pleasure meeting you in the flesh! It was quite surreal meeting people like you and Emily who we’ve only conversed through IG and FB. I am so happy that our meeting resonated with you and left an impact that continues to inspire you to a more plant-based diet. I am curious to follow your journey towards a meatless lifestyle. I find your dishes to be absolutely divine. You have a real knack for making your dishes look like thu came straight from a vegan restaurant. It is key to keep things interesting when changing your diet into that of a vegetarian or vegan. We first eat with our eyes and of course then with out mouths so making an artistic, creative and colorful plate helps heaps in keeping you interested. You have me drooling!! I am currently on day 19 (almost 20) of my second 30 day juice fast and I am so excited to get back into eating colorful raw veggies and fruits. I am inspired by your enthusiasm towards your new health goals and I support you 100%!! You rock girlfriend .. Sending you my love and hope your doing great!! Best ❤
    Donna Dee xoxo 😀


  2. Hi lovely lady 🙂 You are such an inspiring individual! I love how you have taken action & made so many healthy & happy changes. It’s true, we never really know how our choices will impact us until they unfold. I’m so glad that our lives have woven together & I’m excited to see the tapestry that is created through sharing our own individual journeys. Thank you for continuing to inspire as you share all your creativity with food, make-up & visual beauty. You truly are a beautiful person inside & out & I’m so glad we had a chance to hang out & get to know each other in NYC. I’m sure there are more adventures to come & I can’t wait to see & experience the richness they bring to our personal growth & our enjoyment of life! Love you!


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