How it began…

Little did I know when I first downloaded Instagram that it would so affect my life. It’s an app… but is it just an app? I have made great friends, & both my outlook on life & my diet have forever been changed.

It was my dad who told my about the app, since he is the epitome of cool & the source of my gadget/photography knowledge. I started & was hooked. I loved capturing moments of my day & turning them into art using my perspective & IG filters. I became a self described IG addict (& still am til this day, check out my feed @severing) but instead of going to meetings I dove even deeper into the IG community. Following people suggested by IG, people with the same interests, & people who were doing things that inspired me.

I can’t remember if it was #ilovemydogs ,#juice or #food that brought Crystal & I together as friends but after having met her in the flesh I know that our friendship is just as real as the ones I have with people I met the traditional way.

IG has brought good things into my life and has given me a new perspective on life. This blog has been created to celebrate my love for IG & what it has brought to my life.

I scanned all the way back in my profile to see what my first pic was and of course it was a profile pic, now called a #selfie lol (in my defense I was playing with my makeup lol)


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